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La Pierre Saint-Martin

Skiing is good.... But skiing in an ideal setting, surrounded by a magnificent landscape is better.

Skiing at the new La Pierre Saint Martin resort means skiing in protected countryside, wooden chalets at the edges of the ski resort, pistes adorned with verdant fir trees and a magnificent and protected view of the valley and, in clear weather, of the Atlantic Ocean and Spain.

Here, the Béarnais Pyrenees open onto the Pic d'Anie and glance towards the Spanish summits. You will find pistes here for all levels: from thrilling slopes to beginners’ skiing, not forgetting the fun winter sports area.



La Pierre Saint-Martin mountain ski resort, in the Barétous Valley in the Pyrenees, welcomes you for a stay at a unique mountain resort with 360° panoramic views and breath-taking landscapes.

At the meeting of Béarnais, Basque and Spanish culture, La Pierre Saint-Martin offers you 55 hectares of skiing, at an altitude of between 1,500 and 2,000 metres, with a downhill skiing area and a Nordic skiing area for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

This resort offers you a unique sight every winter, with its exceptional, enchanting landscape, part covered with mountain pines. Its village of authentic chalets set amongst the pine trees gives it a charm that cannot be found anywhere else.

This family ski resort is the ideal location for getting to know the joys of all forms of winter sports.

Our mountain resort, is one of those destinations able to bring the whole family together for the summer season as well.  Here, you can enjoy varied and recreational activities every day, while discovering the exceptional landscape. Several hiking trails start from La Pierre Saint-Martin, including to the Pic d’Anie and the GR10 passes through. 




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Quite simply, unique holidays which will be an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike!

The massif of La Pierre Saint-Martin is of limestone, fractured by tectonic shifts; water seeps through, hollowing out chasms and forming rivers. The limestone pavement of La Pierre Saint-Martin is one of the largest in Europe (140 km²). The Gouffre Lépineux cave system, which long held the world record for the deepest chasm (-1,342 m), was explored for the first time in 1950. 400 km of galleries have been explored.

The mountain pine remains the emblematic tree of La Pierre Saint-Martin. They live immensely long and many have reached the venerable age of 500!

Summer at La Pierre Saint-Martin also means meeting marmots, stopping off on sections of the GR10, taking the Arlas chairlift and summer tobogganing, as well as setting out on walks. An events programme is published every week, helping you to discover all of these natural treasures.

In summer, the shepherds welcome you to their cayolars (shepherds’ huts) and demonstrate their skills. They spend the summer at an altitude of 1650 m with their herds of sheep and cattle. Once a week, they open up their cayolars to visitors and show how cheese is made. You even get the chance to taste it. Live like a shepherd for a day: sharing their work and their meals.

Several walks enable you to discover all of the facets of the distinctive landscape of La Pierre Saint-Martin. Heading out towards the Soum de Lèche, you have the canyons of Soule and the Pic d'Orhy before you. The Tour de l'Arlas, a pyramid that is not to be missed, provides a general idea of the incomparable mineral environment. The ascent of the Pic d'Anie remains the reserve of experienced mountain walkers, the Camplong shepherds’ hut suddenly appears like an oasis of greenery, an unhoped for reward after climbing the meandering karst limestone formations. The GR10 passes through La Pierre Saint-Martin.

Like the Pic d'Anie, which constitutes the major ascent of the Barétous Valley, descending La Pierre Saint-Martin by ATB down to Arette offers a wide variety of country, with a difference an altitude of as much as 1,500 m. The 18- hole miniature golf course provides entertainment for family and friends, of all ages. Go up by the Arlas chairlift and descend on an all-terrain scooter, ATB or on foot. Discover the pleasures of winter sports with the summer toboggan or take a walk at the Domaine du Braca park. All along the trail, information is provided concerning traditional pasturing, potholing, birds, insects, mountain pines and mountain flowers etc. by means of ten topical signboards.

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