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Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing

Let La Pierre Saint-Martin surprise you! The view is magnificent: here, the Béarn Pyrenees open onto the Pic d'Anie and glance up towards the Spanish summits.

Pistes for all levels, from thrilling slopes to beginners’ skiing, and not forgetting the fun area. At our resort, everybody finds what they are looking for!

Whether you are non-stop winter sports and rapid descent enthusiasts or lovers of relaxing skiing in the heart of protected countryside, La Pierre Saint-Martin holds unique moments in store for you on its downhill skiing area comprising 24 pistes (25 km), accessible by means of 11 ski-lifts, including 5 chairlifts, 4 button lift ski tows and 2 magic carpet ski conveyors.

According to your level, there are 3 different circuit:

  • The Introductory Circuit: on your first day, you can begin on the Marmottes (“Marmots”) and then the Oursons (“Bear Cubs”) magic carpet ski conveyors. At this stage, you are ready to take the Sapins (“Fir Trees”) chairlift and get a first taste of the pistes: on the Pist’cool and Sapin ski runs.
  • The Fun Circuit: you can enjoy the layout of the Pist’cool ski run and the fun area  (Massaré button lift ski tow).
  • The Ski Circuit: for all the family with controlled speed and turns. Departure from the Palombes (“Wood Pigeons”) piste , then the Family chairlift, Panoramic chairlift, Boulevard des Pyrénées ski run and the Grand Tétras (“ Wood Grouse”) ski run.

Member of the N’PY group of resorts.
The area is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Please find the principal prices below. For further information on current prices contact the ticket agency: 00.33.559.66.20.80.

Daily pass 
Normal 35.50 €
Afternoon (from 12h30) 31.00 €
Reduced (5-17 y-o) 31.00 €
Magic carpet ski conveyors y the Sapins chairlift 20.00 €
Stay package
6 days Normal 177.50 € 
6 days Reduced 155.00 €
Season pass
Adult pass 537.50 €
Pass "senior" (60-74 y.o) 470.00 €
Reduced pass (5-17 y.o) 470.00 €


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