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A ski resort at the bottom of the slopes, chalets nestled among the fir trees, bonjour la neige sourire!

Between the plain of Béarn and the Spanish Pyrénées, La-Pierre-St-Martin, the ski resort of the Barétous valley opens up its acres of skiing area, between 1500 and 2200m above sea level.

Bravo la neige plaisir!

This unique skiing area, which is partly covered by a forest of mugho pines, offers you every winter beautiful scenery: snow on the summits, snow on the slopes and the plateaux, snow on the roofs of the lovely chalets nestled among the trees and the apartments at the bottom of the runs...c’est la neige spectacle!

In La-Pierre-St-Martin, you can enjoy all the pleasures of skiing and all the snow games with beautiful natural scenery around you.

Come and try the white magic of the white and the homeliness of a family ski resort where everything has been thought out to ensure you a warm reception.

The ski-lifts

La Pierre Saint-Martin Nordic area